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5 ways to stay current


5 ways to stay current




June 7, 2023

When it comes to carpet it can be a flooring subject. People seem to either love or hate it – just like Marmite.

Here at the Carpet Superstore WE LOVE IT! For our customers it’s all about making a statement in their own home.

Many homeowners will seek out soft, cosy comfort to treat their feet while others will look to vinyl which is making a comeback.

With that in mind we have sort through some trends to help you turn your home into a stylish comforting place to rest.

Get ready to see some new statement looks and a lot of environmentally-friendly flooring.

Frieze Carpet

Also known as “twist” carpet, it refers to carpet where each piece of the carpet is twisted many times, making it look almost curly. It is also extremely hard wearing so great for those places with high footfall or homes with kids and dogs Have a look at our Carlton wool twist from the Regency range.

Ribbed Carpet

Ribbed carpets create texture. Our Eminence stripe is finely ribbed. Stripes work well in living rooms and bedrooms and particularly popular for halls landing and stairs. They are great for injecting some colour into your home and create personality without over crowding space. Have a look at these freshly laid Eminence stepped carpets on one of our clients stairs.

Cut and Loop Carpet

This combines both cuts straight and loops. They were first popular back in the 70’s but are making a comeback due to their different textures and patterns. Pop into our Washington store to have a look at some.

Neutral Colour Carpets

Oldie but a good trend to keep and will never go out of fashion. The benefits are they match the colour and tones of hard flooring, they also give you a blank canvas to build upon when decorating your home. Our Ultra Soft Focus Cormar range is ideal.

Recycled Carpet

Going ‘Green’ or eco-friendly is a huge trend right now and one that will continue to grow. Most carpet manufactured today is made at least partially, from recycled material.

In conclusion when it comes to the latest trends there’s a lot happening in the industry right now. There are plenty of different options that will likely stick around for years to come, which means your possibilities are endless. Have a look at what we have to offer in store and take advantage of our full house deal for only £599.

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