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Do I Need Underlay?


Do I Need Underlay?




June 7, 2023

Underlay is a huge part of your flooring purchase.  It’s an essential component that shapes how your flooring is going to feel, look and wear.

What is underlay?

Underlay is a supporting layer of cushioning, placed beneath your carpet.  Just as a house must be built on solid foundations if it’s to last, so should your flooring.   A good underlay means your carpet will look and feel better, add to a truly professional finish and prolong your carpets lifespan.

There are more benefits of having quality underlay:

  • It absorbs sound
  • Makes carpet more comfortable to walk on
  • Can hide small imperfections in your floor
  • Acts as additional heat insulation
  • Makes your carpet wear better and last longer

When choosing underlay, you’d be forgiven for thinking that thicker is better, this isn’t always the case.  Go too thick and you could end up with over worn, bucking or even split carpet.  It’s the quality that counts – and our in store experts will be more than happy to advise you on the best type of underlay for your room and flooring.

Can I lay new carpet on existing underlay?

Old underlay will have flattened and worn, harbouring dirt and dust.  To look and feel its best, we would advise that a new carpet should have a firm a support as possible.

And with the right underlay adding 30-50% of life time to your carpet, it could be a false economy to skip it.

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